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Our Electronics Division develops the technology used in power supplies.
This division is the core for all of the technologies created by Origin.
Following the financial and natural environmental policies that we have considered since our founding, we strive for more compact, highly efficient designs as well as the conservation of energy, to accurately meet the demands of society.

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Features and Strengths

1The fusion of low- and high-voltage technology

Origin offers a direct-current power supply to meet the usage needs of our customers. This power supply is a fusion of the low-voltage technology such as that used in rectifiers for communication that output at 48 V DC; and the high-voltage technology used for power supply units, such as those used in forming semiconductor film that output at 1000 V DC.
The photo shows a rectifier with an input of 200 V AC and an output of 380 V DC at 15 kW.
Both a voltage doubler resonant circuit (high voltage) and split-type three-phase power factor correction (low voltage) are used, making a highly efficient and compact rectifier a reality.
The efficiency at maximum is 96%.

2Power supply unit heat dispersion and cooling technology

Higher density and larger electrical usage applications are becoming more prevalent, and coming up with a solution using calculations by hand or experiential methods is becoming more difficult. By conducting studies using thermal fluid simulations in the initial stages of design, we reduce the number of prototypes required, which cuts down on development time.
The photo shows a 48 V DC/50 A rectifier, used for commutation devices for mobile communication bases (outdoor specs).
By conducting thermal fluid simulations for study during the initial stages of design, we are able to make a rectifier that is 1/3 the size of the previous product a reality.

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HVDC rectifierOur High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) rectifier places importance on high efficiency, safety, and design, with a power supply capacity of 380 V DC that can deliver a maximum of 105 kW.

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Generator for X-ray equipmentThis system product has been made even more compact by adding surrounding circuits, such as a starter to the previous inverter and high-voltage parts.

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