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5kW Bidirectional Isolated DC/DC Converter

This converter can be connected to “DC BUS” side (DC240~410V), and applied to the renewable energy such as Solar Power System and Wind Power System.
Furthermore, this can be connected to a Lithium battery such as EV battery and others due to various range of output (DC50~500V) at “BATT” side
This isolated converter does not require commercial transformers, which contributes to reducing size and weight.


◆ Wide Voltage Range
  A single converter is capable of handling a wide range of voltages in both Battery side and DC BUS side.
◆ High Efficiency
  Since all the switching devices allows ZVS operation, high efficiency at all voltage range and at all load range can be achieved.
◆ Low Noise
  Due to ZVS operation, low noise can be achieved.

・This unit can be connected to any storage batteries such as EV battery due to various range of output (DC50~500V)
・Applying V2B allows us to handle BEMS
・High efficiency system at all load range promises reducing electricity bills.


Check the documentation below for detailed specifications.

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