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Our Mechatronics Division was formed in 2005 with the integration of our welding machinery and system machinery divisions.
This division will continue to expand and evolve, aiming to create devices that improve functionality and productivity as one of our strengths, centered on custom products.
Our core technologies include condenser-type resistance welding and the precision dispensing / coating and bonding of resin and voidless soldering technologies.
We affirmatively handle inquiries to develop devices for new uses, based on these technologies.

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Features and Strengths

1Condenser-type resistance welding technology

Our condenser-type resistance welding technology allows for the energy stored in the condenser to be released instantly to provide high current in a short period of time. This makes it possible to create joints with a beautiful finish, with a minimum of thermal effect and distortion.
This also makes joints possible on nonferrous and hybrid metals.

2Precision resin dispensing & bonding technologies

Putting our experience with CD/DVD mass production equipments since the 1980s to use, we are expanding our market share of resin dispensing & bonding equipments for smartphone FPDs and other devices.
With a focus on the optimum dispensing pattern design and bubble-free atmospheric pressure bonding used in each device, as well as high precision slit coating and vacuum bonding, Origin is actively involved in applying our technology to new uses other than FPD.

3Voidless soldering technology

Requires no flux and creates no solder splashing.
Ideal for high-quality soldering with formic acid reduction and compression process.
Optimum technology for products requiring high reliability including power devices.

Featured Products

Display Bonder (DB)This is an automated device for bonding cover glass, touch sensors, LCD panels, and so on using UV curable resin. Based on our basic structure related to the forming of bonding layers, we propose and produce customized equipments that meet the needs of our customers.

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Condenser-type resistance welding machineThe energy stored in the condenser can be released instantly to provide high voltage in a short period of time, making it possible to create joints with a minimum of thermal effect.
Also, a smaller power supply capacity for the input power supply is required, in comparison to other welding machines.

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