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Condenser-type resistance welding machine
(for automotive drivetrain parts)

RingMash is our original technology developed based on the capacitor resistance welding machine.
This technology is Solid Phase Bonding and recommended to bonding of coaxial parts.
Solid Phase Bonding process takes place below melting points of each metal.
As a result, RingMash has the following superior characteristics and benefits,
and has best performance as the replacement of melt-bonding methods such as electron beam welding or laser welding.
< Characteristics of RingMash >
-1) Short process time; less than 100 msec
-2) High output power; large electric current, high pressure
-3) Small bonding heat-affected zone (HAZ); distortion-free
-4) Simple bonding process; bonding shape *surface, accuracy
bonding in atmosphere (No vacuum chamber)
-5) High torque and alignment of bonded components
-6) Bonding two different metals, cast iron and steel, copper alloy and steel, aluminum alloy and steel, and so on.
< Benefits of RingMash >
-1) Less component, weight reduction
-2) Less manufacturing, less process time
RingMash is the best suited for powertrain components such as differential gear, transmission gear, torque converte



Automotive drivetrain parts, etc.


Check the documentation below for detailed specifications.

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