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Condencer type welding machine
(Optical semiconductor cap sealer)

Model : CS3-2.1

This is the full-automatic cap sealer "CS" which seals TO-CAN package for the optical communication device or the sensor device in the inert gas atmosphere.
"CS" achieves high-quality stable seal because the capacitor resistance welding technology has the characteristic ofthe small sealing heat-affective zone (HAZ) by short process time.
"CS" can handle to the various device shapes of ball lens, aspherical lens, stems, and leads, etc. as the standard.
Furthermore, “CS” achieves high-accuracy seal with the option of Image processing function , etc.


1. Low power consumption
Low power consumption (1/10 to 1/30 of AC devices)

2. High quality
Keeps heat distortion and oxidization to a minimum

3. Stability
Minimal variations in welding strength

4. Low running cost
Highly durable electrode chips and other parts reduce maintenance costs


Optical semiconductor

Note: this can also be used in infrared sensors and other devices.


Check the documentation below for detailed specifications.

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