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Origin Co., Ltd. aims to be a company that creates new value and contributes to society. Each of our employees is pursuing initiatives in good faith to embody the voices of our stakeholders.

Our contribution to realize a sustainable
society through the creation of new value
via our business

Under our motto, we will be the company to contribute to society through the creation of new value, Origin Co., Ltd. ("Origin" ) established the management philosophy for the purpose to contribute to the human society, by pursuing the company openness, the company originality and the company furnishing the opportunity for self-achievement. Origin works to resolve social issues and achieve the successive growth of the Group companies through the realization of this management philosophy by measuring up to the trusts and expectations of stakeholders in accordance with the Group Code of Conduct.
Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) is one of important management strategies, Origin has established its CSR Committee commanded by the Company's President serving as the chief promotion officer.

The Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) are 17 global goals for the achievement of a better and more sustainable world by 2030 adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015.  Origin will continue to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and the realization of a sustainable society through its business activities.

Example business activities for the realization of a sustainable society

[ Management unit ]

[ R&D Unit ]
The R&D Unit has been aggressively commit on technical development for the establishment of distinct technologies while aiming to integrate technologies in four technical/business domains.  Under which, the R&D Unit makes advanced developments, based on fundamental or shared technologies, at each relevant business units, where new product/merchandise developments are directly relating to the business expansion.


Technology exchange creating synergy among business units Origin Poster Session
Origin holds the Origin Poster Session twice a year. In these Sessions, all the Group companies' units present their technologies and operations and answer questions using a poster to create new value. Through this, we aim to contribute to the resolution of social issues through sustainable economic development. In addition, once a year Origin holds an oral presentation session for R&D engineers to integrate its technologies.

[ Business Unit ]
Business units are working to resolve social issues and achieve the sustained growth of the Company through business activities to realize a sustainable society.


Power supply for X-ray medical
diagnostic equipment


[ Electronics ]
The Electronics Business is working to achieve miniaturization, intensive efficiency and the reduction of energy use based on the Company's policy since its foundation, for the consideration of both the economic and natural environments. We also will precisely respond to society's needs in areas such as infrastructure and medical services through this. The Unit has been working on the implementation of the RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) Directive to reduce the use of environmentally hazardous substances, including the revised RoHS Directive (RoHS2.0) which expanded the list of prohibited substances.

Power supply for X-ray medical diagnostic equipment
The Unit supplies X-ray generators and power supplies for X-ray medical diagnostic equipment to equipment manufacturers.  Responding to various needs including miniaturization, the unit is working to resolve social issues during the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting the health of society, including through preventive care and the early detection of diseases. 

Power supplies for information and telecommunication
The Unit supplies the highly efficient rectifiers powering the ICT equipment that is necessary for telecommunications and the information age.  Improving the conversion efficiency of rectifiers for ICT equipment, even by 1%, significantly contributes to the reduction of power consumption (and the reduction of CO₂ emissions) because they often operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Power supplies for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
The Unit supplies the ultra-high stability power supplies necessary for the process shrink of semiconductor manufacturing. The process shrink of semiconductor manufacturing aids in the reduction of power consumption by improving efficiency through the increased integration of semiconductor chips.


Vacuum reflow soldering system


Cap sealer for optical semiconductors


[ Mechatronics ]

Manufactured products
The Mechatronics Business is, from the standpoint of preventing environmental contamination and reducing the burden on the environment, working to manufacture equipment with the goal of reducing out environmental footprint by assessing the environmental impact of products during the design stages of the associated equipment it manufactures, focusing on items such as weight saving, downsizing, recycling, the utilization of recycled resources, hazardousness and toxicity, power and compressed air consumption, and the facilitation of collection and transportation.

Regional collaboration
The unit contributes to the sustainable development of the Company and the society by building a relationship of co-creation and trust with the regions and business partners of production bases, including regional revitalization and employment efforts, based on its fabless system in Japan and overseas.


Applied to the floor buttons
of elevators


[ Chemitronics ]

The Chemitronics Business is working to develop heat shielding, heat dissipating, endothermic and environmentally friendly paints (reducing air pollution) for the purpose of decreasing global warming.
The unit has launched high value-added new products providing quality finishes and high performance, such as an infrared reflective type of thermal insulating paint developed primarily to address the urban heat island phenomenon.

Antibacterial paint
The unit manufactures and sells antibacterial paint at the request of an elevator parts manufacturer. The Company's paint was chosen to be used for the buttons of elevators at hospitals and hotels, etc.

Heat dissipating paint
Heat dissipating paint with superior heat dissipation capabilities is used for camera housings, etc. to aid their stable operation by quickly dissipating the heat generated during sustained video recording.
It also aims to provide a comfortable environment in consideration of the cost of air-conditioning and the earth through its application to the roofs (glass surfaces) of large facilities such as exhibition halls to release the heat inside buildings.


“Crisis Cooperation House with Water Wells” Oyama City


[ Components ]

The Components Business is working to realize a sustainable society in all of its processes, from development to design, manufacturing and sale.
At the manufacturing locations of semiconductors and precision machinery parts where large quantities of electricity and water are used, we adopt our voluntary standard utilizing high-performance purification systems and constant monitoring, and water which is cleaner than the statutory standard has been discharged.
The unit also strives to conserve the planet's limited resources and reduce resource consumption by adding eco-driving features to existing company vehicles and introducing PHVs.

Precision machinery parts
The unit is helping local communities create a comfortable place to live by promoting the development of products that effectively and efficiently generate, transmit and interrupt power to save space and energy.
These products will be used in the safety and mechanical equipment necessary for housing  and nursing care/welfare.

Semiconductor devices
The unit is working to develop semiconductor products used for systems maintaining the health of people or promoting the use of renewable energy by actively reducing the use of resources through the miniaturization and weight reduction of products.

Mamada Factory
The Mamada Factory in Oyama City, Tochigi, one of the production bases of our Components Unit, continues its activities for regional growth and development, being listed as the Oyama City’s “Crisis Cooperation House with Water Wells” under disaster. In addition, the certification as a “The Company Providing Equal business opportunity for Both Men and Women” and the “Oyama City The Company Promoting Better Balance Between Work and Personal Life”.