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Environmental Policies

We implement an environmental strategy with both key environmental policy common to the entire company.

Origin's Key Environmental Policy


At Origin Co., Ltd., we recognize that coexisting with the environment here on Earth is one of the greatest issues that human society faces. For this reason, we work to fulfill our social responsibility of protecting the environment of our Earth by engaging in environmental preservation activities as a company, based on our company’s management philosophy of “aiming to become a company serving to and showing a strong presence among our society”.

Guidelines for action

Since the founding of our company, we have developed our technology and products under the concepts of energy conservation, clean energy, and zero pollution.

We are even more aware of the importance of the environmental problems that our Earth faces. We all, as an entire company, get involved in activities concerning environment and supply products concerning environment, including activities of biological diversity.

1. In addition to our compliance with regulations regarding the protection of the environment, we respond to the demands of society regarding the same, and we have established voluntary criteria to promote the protection of the environment and to make improvements.

2. We have set targets for reducing our burden on the environment, and strive to achieve these targets.

3. We offer environmentally-conscious products during the phases of development, design, manufacturing, and sales. All of our employees aim for involvement in activities that are environmentally-conscious in our main field of operations.

4. By continuing to maintain and improve our environmental management system, which actively works to conserve resources and energy and to reduce waste, we promote the prevention of environmental pollution.

5. We cooperate with society on the regional level and our business customers in environmental protection activities.

6. We publish this environmental policy to our stakeholders.

7.We publish information related to the environment to a wide audience′ both inside and outside our company.