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Takanori Kanazawa

Takanori Kanazawa I'd like to talk about the development we do in our Power Device Division.
Please let us know if this is a topic of interest for you.
After joining Origin in 1997, I designed and developed miniature semiconductor devices for cameras, and have been involved in the management of wafer process technology and manufacturing, leading up to the present.

Development and Technical Policy, Stance

Development and Technical Policy, Stance

We place great importance on what our customers are saying and always develop products from the customer's point of view, in order to maintain Origin's position as a technological leader. In the process of bringing a product to market, while it's important to satisfy the customer's specifications with a full-fledged technical development support team, we also aim to improve our technical strengths at the same time, in order to propose even better products. We want to continue to bring smiles to the faces of our customers, while also enhancing our technical and development strengths.

Development and Technical Fields

Development and Technical Fields

Origin's semiconductors offer the advantages of high voltage, large currents and ultra-high-speed operations. Our module and stack products (including customizations) bring the advantage of having a quick-response surge absorption element (surge clamper) for use in applications in the onboard vehicle, industrial machinery, and medical equipment markets. This advantage makes our products widely used in fields where surge and noise reduction is required.

Initiatives Towards Quality and the Environment

Initiatives Towards Quality and the Environment

We use FMEA and DRBFM techniques in our design and development, in order to ensure the quality of new products we create.
 Also, we make efforts towards developing environmentally-conscious products with a view towards reducing materials that have an environmental impact, by implementing environmental assessments during the design phase. All of the products we newly develop and bring to the market comply with the RoHS directive.


Our slogan for technology and development is to offer just the right products where our customers need them. If you have any concerns, feel free to get in touch with us at Origin. We'd like to bring to reality the technology and development to create new products with you, which only Origin can provide.

Components Business Semiconductor Devices: Major Products

  • TO-247, diode module

  • Axial lead parts

  • Surface mounting parts

  • High-voltage rectifier diode