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What is Origin?

We are aiming for the company with a strong presence to become further useful for human society and for the open-minded and unique company, that provides opportunities for self-fulfillment.

Origin promotes "proposal-based product development" that places importance on communication with customers while maximizing the collaboration and synergy effects of its five businesses. Through consulting and dialogue during the development process, we not only fulfill the functions requested by our customers, but also provide new, value-added satisfaction.

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You can search for Origin products by category.

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You can conduct a detailed search by specifying the conditions of paints products and power semiconductor devices products.

Investor Relations

Through the steady implementation of our medium-term management plan focusing on "Change" and "Growth," we aim to improve capital efficiency and market evaluation, ultimately enhancing corporate value over the medium to long term.

Through our business,
we will create new value and
contribute to
the realization of
a sustainable society.


Sustainability Management Initiatives

Origin has established a new "Sustainability Policy" and a "Sustainability Committee" with the main objective of shifting the focus from "Corporate Social Responsibility" to "Sustainable Growth and Enhancement of Corporate Value over the Medium to Long Term". In addition, to contribute to carbon neutrality, we have also declared our mid-term reduction target of 50% reduction of our own CO2 emissions by 2030 (from the 2015 level).

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