Top Message

Hideki Inaba

Under the current slogan of "Change & Growth", we continue to take action to move up to a new stage. We are aiming to create new values with the venture spirit at our founding in 1938 of "Let's conduct research and management from the basics (Origin) without imitating others".

We have been delivering valuable products to our society based upon our customers’ voices in each one of our business fields of Precision Machinery Parts, Paints, Power Supplies, Bonding System, and Electronics Parts. However, when we have come out of the long tunnel of the Corona disaster, we have noticed that it is necessary to respond to new demands. On the other hand, we also are facing many issues to be resolved under the tense international situation, climate changes, and intensifying global competition. In order to resolve these issues, we must brush up the values we have cultivated up to now and create new values in the future.

We are always listening to our customers’ voices, sowing seeds in new business fields, nurturing the buds, and providing "Origin's Originals for each and every one of our customers" which will lead to a new future so that our various efforts by pursuing “Change & Growth” will come to fruition. We will also strive not only to strengthen ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) management but also to promote sustainability management to enhance corporate values and contribute to develop an even more sustainable society.

President Hideki Inaba