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Website Policy

1. Intellectual Property Rights

The content provided to you by our website is protected by copyrights, industrial property rights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights.
You may use such information only for your personal use.
If you use (including reproduction, transmission, distribution, transfer, and adaptation. The same shall apply hereinafter) outside the scope of private use, you must obtain our permission.

2. Disclaimer

Although Origin takes great care when posting information to this Web site, we offer no guarantee whatsoever as to the accuracy, usefulness, or certainty of this information; nor whether it will meet the needs of the user, or offer a safe browsing experience (that all the functionality will work without failure, or that any defects will be remedied, or that there are no computer viruses or other malicious software on the Web site or on our server).
Origin bears no responsibility for any damages that may arise as a result of using or not using the information on this Web site, or of the use of the Web site itself.

3. About Links

You do not need to contact Origin if you would like to link to our Web site.
In principle, make sure that you link to our top page ( and that the link clearly specifies that the user will go to the Web site of Origin Co., Ltd.
In addition, we strongly forbid links from the types of Web sites mentioned below.

  • Sites that contain slanderous content regarding Origin or Origin Group businesses; or sites that are a defamation of our company's trustworthiness
  • Sites that post unlawful content, or which may potentially assist others in unlawful activities, or which are actually engaged in the same
  • Sites that contain content that goes against public order and morals
  • Sites that uses frames or other methods, which make it unclear as to whether the contents being viewed belong to the Origin Web site

4. Recommended Environment

We have checked the display of this website in the following environments.
The site may not display properly in other environments. We ask for your understanding in advance.

【 Recommended / Supported Browsers 】

  • Windows 10 ( Edge, Chrome latest version, FireFox latest version )
  • Windows 11 (Edge latest version )
  • Macintosh Mac OS X (Safari latest version )

【 Supported smartphones and tablets 】

  • iOS 15 or higher (Safari atest version )
  • Android 9 or higher (Chrome atest version )

【 plug-in (software, etc.) 】

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader