Environmental Activities (Compliance with Laws and Regulations)

Environmental Policy

We have established a company-wide basic environmental policy and area-specific environmental policies to implement environmental measures.

Origin's Basic Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

Based on our management philosophy "Aiming to be a company with a full of presence that is useful to human society," Origin Corporation recognizes that coexistence with the global environment is one of the most important issues facing human society, and we will fulfill our social responsibility to protect the global environment by promoting corporate activities that take environmental preservation into consideration.

Basic Policy

Since our founding, we have been committed to the concepts of energy conservation, clean energy, and non-pollution in our technological and product development. Recognizing the importance of global environmental issues, we will make company-wide efforts to develop environmentally friendly technologies and activities, such as providing products that reduce CO2 and chemical substance emissions, and working to preserve biodiversity.

  1. In addition to complying with environmental protection laws and regulations, we will promote environmental protection and improvement by setting voluntary standards in response to the demands of society regarding environmental protection.
  2. To contribute to carbon neutrality, we will set targets for reducing our environmental impact and strive to achieve them.
  3. We will provide environmentally friendly products at the development, design, manufacturing, and sales stages. Furthermore, all employees will always aim for environmentally friendly activities in their respective original duties.
  4. to promote the prevention of environmental pollution by continuously maintaining and improving our environmental management system, which actively promotes resource conservation, energy conservation, and waste reduction.
  5. We will promote environmental protection activities in cooperation with local communities and business partners.
  6. The basic environmental policy will be disclosed to stakeholders.
  7. We will disclose environmental information widely both inside and outside the company.

Environmental Management Organization Chart

The organization for environmental measures is divided into three areas.

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Certification Status


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Area Site Certification Body Registration Number Certification Marks Registration Renewal Date (Revision Date)
Head Office Head Office
Yoshimi Factory
Japan Quality Assurance Organization JQA-EM0539


Nagoya Branch
Saitama Origin Co.
Mamada Factory Mamada Factory Intertec Certification Corp. 12929

ISO 14001 Intertek ISO14001:2015 認証取得

Hokkaido Origin Co.
Mizuho Factory Mizuho Factory Japanese Standards Association JSAE 270



Domestic and Overseas Subsidiaries

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Location Name Certification Body (CB name) Certification No. Certification renewal date (Date)
Origin Shoji Co., Ltd. Intertec Certification Co. 14426-B 2022-8-22
Origin Precision Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. DCI Certification Ltd 127262 2022-6-13
Shanghai Origin Donbon Paints Co., Ltd. nqa UKAS-015 45955 2022-2-16
Origin Paints (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. AXE REGISTER Ltd N.CN21-05603B 2021-4-19
Origin Donbon Paints (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. Intertc UKAS-014 120812003 2021-1-7
Origin Eason Paint Co., Ltd. BUREAU VERITAS Certification Ltd. TH019682 2022/10/1
PT. Origin Durachem Indonesia Quest Certification(P) Ltd. RE62/JA/IC/2807 2022-3-17