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Since we started our paint development in 1947, we have been providing quality paints to your familiar products such as Automobile, Consumer Electronics, Mobile Phone, PC, Digital Camera and so on, as well as other various markets like Heavy Industry, Electric Parts and Architecture.
Nowadays we are contributing various industries at the head of Automobile industry while these are niche, with a broad and deep product line which has high performance especially on plastic and chrome plated substrates and providing value-add finishes like high brilliant and high gloss.
We are now developing new performance and finishes paints, so that we try to contribute various industries more and more. 
And we offer a variety of environmental friendly products such as waterborne paints and solventborne paints without benzene, toluene and xylene. We are committed to offering products that meet the regulatory standards while delivering the high performance, gloss and brilliant finish you expect.
We, Origin continues to improve consistently to deliver easy-to-use and valuable paints.

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  • ORIGIZUG #100

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Since we started our paint development as a part of metal surface treatment study in 1947, we have been providing quality paints to various markets such as Automobile, Mobile Phone, PC, Digital Camera, Consumer Electronics and so on as a pioneer to develop paints over plastic materials.


We have been developing our products to meet various customers' needs and releasing the breakthrough synthetic rein paints to the market. Especially our featured product, ORIGIPLATE Z which is a paint over chrome has been provided to customers around the world since its release. 

3Research & Development

We'll develop a new market by a new value-add product which has high performance as well as quality finish, such as a hard coat for Touch Panel, UV TP which needs is getting higher these years and a infrared reflectiveness type thermal insulatiing paint, ORIGICOOL which was developed as a countermeasure against urban heat island. 

Featured Products

PLANETPX-1PLANETPX-1 is a two component acrylic urethane paint that offers adhesion to a wide variety of materials from polycarbonates and ABS to various metals, such as anodized aluminum.
This paint has proven results on a wide range of optical devices and camera-related fields, with excellent resistance to solvents.

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ORIGIPLATE ZThe ORIGIPLATE Z has a long history of proven results in the market as a two component acrylic urethane paint, which offers adhesion to a wide variety of materials from various metals (with a focus on automobile exterior chrome plating) to plastic.

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