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Our Corporate History

May 1938 Established Fuji Denro Kogyo Corp.
Began manufacture of electric furnaces, copper oxide rectifiers, and other technology.
December 1944 Delivered selenium rectifiers to the Ministry of Communications.
April 1945 Established the Mamada Plant in Mamada-machi (now Oyama city), Tochigi prefecture
December 1952 Changed company name to Origin Electric Co., Ltd.
June 1955 Signed a contract with Riken for the use of patents pertaining to spot welding machines, and began manufacture.
December 1956 Began offering stocks outside of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
August 1957 Established the Shimura plant in Hasune-cho, Itabashi Ward, Tokyo.
Began manufacture of synthetic resin paints.
April 1960 Constructed the main building at the main plant.
August 1961 Expanded the Mamada plant to add manufacturing for miniature bearings.
October 1961 Began offering stocks on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Second Section.
March 1965 Established the Osaka sales office in Higashi Ward (now Chuo Ward), Osaka.
August 1969 Began offering stocks on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section.
February 1970 Established subsidiary Hokkaido Origin Co., Ltd. (now a consolidated company).
July 1972 Established the Mizuho plant (paint manufacture) at Mizuho-machi, Nishi-tama-gun, Tokyo.
Closed the Shimura plant.
December 1973 Signed an agreement with Electrostatic Printing Corporation of America to introduce manufacturing technology regarding the electrostatic printing process and devices, and began manufacture.
November 1977 Received approval from the governor of Tokyo for the installation of machinery and equipment.
April 1987 Established an Osaka branch office in Kita Ward, Osaka, and closed the Osaka sales office.
June 1988 Established subsidiary Yuki Origin Co., Ltd. (consolidated and merged into Origin's subsidiary Saitama Origin Co., Ltd.).
August 1990 Signed an agreement with Advanced Power Technology (now Microsemi Corporation) in the U.S.A. to introduce technology regarding the manufacture of semiconductor chips.
January 1996 Opened a Nagoya sales office in Nakamura Ward, Nagoya.
July 1996 Opened a branch in Taipei, Taiwan (named Origin Electric Co., Ltd. Taipei Branch).
January 1998 Established subsidiary Saitama Origin Co., Ltd. (now a consolidated company).
December 1998 Signed an agreement with Warner Advanced Media Operations (U.S.A.) regarding the introduction of DVD manufacturing technology.
March 2000 Established Origin Miki (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a joint venture with MIKI & CO., LTD. in Bangkok, Thailand.
June 2000 Established subsidiary Origin Electric America Co., Ltd. in Torrance, California, U.S.A.
August 2001 Opened a branch in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (named Origin Electric Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Branch).
November 2001 Established subsidiary Shanghai Origin Donbon Paints Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China (now a consolidated company).
February 2004 Opened Taipei branch Zhong Li Sales Office in Zhongli District, Taoyuan City in Taiwan.
April 2004 Established subsidiary Origin Precision Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China(now a consolidated company).
November 2004 Established subsidiary Origin Paints (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, China (now a consolidated company).
January 2007 Established subsidiary Origin Donbon Paints (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. in Dongguan, China (now a consolidated company).
January 2008 Affiliated company Origin Miki (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (name changed to Origin Eason Paint Co., Ltd.) became a subsidiary through additional investment (now a consolidated company).
July 2009 Consolidated company Saitama Origin Co., Ltd. merged with consolidated company Yuki Origin Co., Ltd.
August 2009 Kowloon sales office opened in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and Hong Kong branch was closed.
September 2009 Opened a branch in Taoyuan City, Taiwan (named Origin Electric Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch), and closed the Taipei branch and Taipei branch Zhong Li Sales Office.
January 2010 Consolidated company Shanghai Origin Donbon Paints Co., Ltd. relocates its plant to Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China.
January 2011 Subsidiary Origin Precision Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China relocates its plant to the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in Shanghai.
June 2011 Acquired all shares of Toho Kaken Manufacturing Inc. to make it a subsidiary (now a consolidated company).
November 2011 Established subsidiary OTS Co., Ltd.
November 2012 Established subsidiary Origin Korea Co., Ltd. in Seoul, Korea.
August 2015 Established the Saitama-Shintoshin Head Office in Chuo-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken.
August 2015 Completed the acquisition of shares of PT. Origin Durachem Indonesia to make it a subsidiary.
September 2015 Established the Yoshimi Factory in Yoshimi-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama-ken.
November 2015 Established Technical Head Office in and transferred company registration to Sakura-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken.
July 2017 Established subsidiary Origin Manufactures Hong Kong Limited in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.