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President Kazuhiro Seo

In November, 2015, we at Origin Electric Co., Ltd. has relocated our headquarters and main plant from Omokagebashi in Waseda, the land of its founding, to the area around Saitama City. With this relocation, Origin aims to expand our business in pursuit of next-generation functionality, along with the safety of employees working in the main building of the former main plant, which was built more than 50 years ago.

Beginning with the mission statement of "Creating people, products, and prosperity", the management philosophy of Origin Electric is as follows:

Aiming to become a company serving to and showing a strong presence among our society, we want to "be a company with an open mind" that gathers people and information from all over the world; "be a company demonstrating its distinctiveness" to create unique technology, and to "be a company where employees can realize their potential", so that each employee taking the opportunity, overcoming difficulties also becoming workers on which everyone can rely.

We develop products and aim to be a distinctive company with an open mind that is a place of self-realization.

Origin has the agility to respond to market demands with our following four business divisions:

・Electronics Division, whose main focuses are Low voltage as well as High voltage power supplies;
・Mechatronics Division, which offers expertise in various system machinery;
・Chemitronics Division, which promotes highly functional paints conforming to environmental regulations; and
・Components Division, which produces precision machinery parts and semiconductor devices.
・The Research and Development Division makes progress in key areas of research in cooperation with these four divisions.

We look forward to serving everyone with five business department, which includes four business divisions and one R&D headquarters. At Origin Electric, our aim is to be the top niche manufacturer in the global market, making niche and custom products with a global appeal.

Origin provides an open atmosphere where its employees freely communicate each other and exchange their ideas to create new products. There is no distinction among ranks, positions, and titles, but our employees have a strong sense of solidarity.

"Monozukuri" (a Japanese expression that encompasses the ideas of production, manufacturing, and making things) begins with the motivation to get started on making things and to give it a try, which is the basis of our work. We are a passionate and motivated group committed to "Monozukuri", sincerely listening to and considering how to make our customers’ demands a reality. We create products with the finest attention to detail.

We shall strive for opening the door of a 100-year-old company through the challenges to further develop new technologies for the next quarter century.

Origin Electric wants to be a company that can thoroughly satisfy our customers’ demands and completely solve our customers’ problems.