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President Kazuhiro Seo

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for doing business with us, Origin.

We have been launching new businesses related to paint, welding machines, systemequipment, and precision machinery based on the diverse elemental technologieswe cultivated through semiconductor and power supply development at the time ofour founding, and we have focused our business expansion on the electrical,machinery, and chemical fields.

In 2015, with our business continuity plan in mind, we left the location where ourcompany was founded and moved our headquarters and main factory to SaitamaCity. In March 2021, we integrated our administrative functions at our head office andstarted over once again.

Various changes, including our mode of living in 2020, have created an inflectionpoint for our company in a positive sense. They have required us to keep an eye onthe near future and think about changes in advance. We need to begin movingforward based on our corporate slogan of “developing people, producing things,producing wealth” and our management philosophy of “aiming to be a company witha strong presence to become further useful for human society, an open-mindedcompany, a unique company, and a company that is a place for finding self-fulfillment.”

It is people who bring bidirectionality to the intersections between analog and digital,hardware and software, technology and data, information and security, and so on.The formation of a company requires people to function as a hub. Setting the pastaside, we are sowing seeds in new fields and nurturing those plants, and we aredetermined to be a company that creates new value and contributes to society as amixed organization that can accommodate everyone’s needs.

We would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support.