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President Kazuhiro Seo

Origin Electrics’ logo of the triangle shape is composed of three elements, representing “Creating People, products, and prosperity”.

Beginning with the mission statement of "Creating people, products, and prosperity", management philosophy of Origin Electric is succeeded with its spirits as the following:

Aiming to become a company serving to our society and showing a strong presence among our society, we want to "be a company with an open mind" so that people and information are gathered from all over the world; "be a company demonstrating its distinctiveness" so that unique technology can be created, and to "be a company where employees can realize their potential" so that each employee can take opportunities, overcome difficulties and further become dependable.

We, as Origin Electric, look forward to serving everyone with five business department, which includes four business divisions and one R&D headquarters as follows;

<Processing Businesses>
Electronics Division, whose main focuses are High voltage as well as low voltage power supplies Mechatronics Division, which offers expertise in various system machinery,

<Material Businesses>
Chemitronics Division, which promotes highly functional paints conforming to environmental regulations, Components Division, which produces precision machinery parts and semiconductor devices,

<Research and Development Unit>
R & D Headquarters, which makes progress in basic research collaborating with four business divisions.

Origin Electric is promoting a development of the environmental friendly products aiming to “the company with open mind that is a place of self-realization”.

As shown in the company logo of the inverted triangle, we promote communication in interactive way as if there is no rank existing in the organization, not like a triangle in which an order is from top to bottom.

Origin provides an open atmosphere where its employees freely communicate each other and exchange their ideas to create new products.

Origin Electric is aiming to be the company responding by our technology to fulfill our customers dream.