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President Kazuhiro Seo

We are pleased to announce that Origin Electric has marked 80th anniversary on May 1st, 2018. We would like to deeply thank our honorable customers, suppliers and other relating parties also individuals for their support to our business. We further would thank our seniors as well as current employees for their great efforts.

Our business started with producing electrical furnaces and copper sulfite rectifiers under the name of “Fuji Denro Kogyo”, which was founded by Mr. Yasutaro Goto at Omokage-bashi, Tokyo in 1938. Then, we have shifted our business to development of rectifying devices and production of switchboards.

In 1952, we decided to change our company’s name to “Origin Electric Co., Ltd.” as the epitaph for the 15th anniversary, meaning that all the research and management shall be stemmed from the “origin” (herein, meaning basics), as we started releasing new original products. Since then, we have been expanding our business into new fields such as welding machines in 1955, synthetic resin paints in 1957, and bearings in 1961, based upon the technologies earned by the development of power supplies and semiconductor devices.

Today, our business fields are categorized into four segments: Electronics Business, providing power supplies, Mechatronics Business, providing system machineries and welding machines, Chemitronics Business, providing synthetic resin paints, and Components Business, providing precision machinery parts and semiconductor devices.

As you may have noticed, our business have been growing and expanding to various fields not limiting to the conventional business relating to power supplies and semiconductors. We fully recognize the time, at which our specialized armor having worn thus far of “Electronics” shall be taken off transforming into New “Origin,” is coming in near future.

We are promoting a development of the environmentally friendly products aiming to “the company with open uniqueness that is a place of self-realization.” We also provide an open atmosphere in which our employees freely exchange ideas to create new products. We are willing to further evolution succeeding our founder’s spirits that all the research and management are stemmed from origin.

We would like to take this opportunity at the 80th anniversary to present again our willingness to fulfill our customers’ dream by our technologies. We strongly appreciate your continuous favor to support us as well as various kinds of business advices.