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Takashi Kurihara

Takashi Kurihara Chemitronics Division, Technical Division
Assigned to the Paints Division (previous name) after joining Origin in 1989, and now works to develop technology for paints used for plastic materials.

Development and Technical Policy, Stance

Development and Technical Policy, Stance

Aiming towards becoming a century-old company, we want to expand our existing fields (automotive fields and information-based home electronics), and put our efforts into creating a new business pillar through developing new fields (functional fields). We also strive to improve the technical strengths of our entire group and enhance our quality-related organizations, responding to the expansion of overseas business.

Development and Technical Fields

Development and Technical Fields

- Automotive fields
Paint for interior and exterior plastic parts, plated parts
- Information-based home electronic fields
Paint for home electronic products, personal computers, cellular phones, and digital cameras
- Functional fields
Thermal insulation paints, lubricant paints, adhesives, OCR, FPD surface-protecting hard coat, etc.

Initiatives Towards Quality, the Environment, and Beyond

Initiatives Towards Quality, the Environment, and Beyond

In recent years, demands to make synthetic resin paints more environmentally-friendly have grown. In the area of automobile paints, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) has made efforts towards adapting the VOC concentration measurement standards in the vehicle cabins of new model passenger vehicles that went on sale from 2007.
In response, our Chemitronics Division has developed and promoted the sales of "Econet", our line of paints that do not contain toluene, xylene, or benzene—all of which are primary materials specified by JAMA as "VOC13" (13 volatile organic compounds). These paints have subsequently become our major products.
Waterborne paints have become a synonym for environmentally-conscious paints. Origin has released the "Plameez" waterborne paint, which became one of our product lines.


While valuing the technology and company atmosphere that we have cultivated in our Chemitronics Business for over 65 years, we strive to continually reach greater technological heights by creating products that contribute to society, with safety and the environment in mind.

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